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Excerpt from Wes O'Donnell's recent speech "Uncommon Charisma: How to be authentically magnetic in any situation."

"When it comes to charisma, social scientists are split 50/50. Half believe that you must be born with charisma. People like John F. Kennedy, Muhammad Ali, Winston Churchill... These are people that seem like they were born naturally magnetic.

In fact, there is a story about a woman who had dinner with both William Gladstone and Winston Churchill. When a journalist later asked her what her impression of the two men was, her response was "that by the end of the evening, I was convinced that Gladstone was the smartest man alive. But after dining with Churchill, I was convinced that I was the smartest woman alive!"

Churchill had spent the whole evening asking her questions and listening intently to her responses. He wanted to know everything about her, and he tried to steer the conversation toward her. Naturally, she talked — and we always feel good talking about ourselves.

The other half of social scientists believe that charisma can be taught and can be learned. I am 100% in that camp. I know from experience that charisma can be taught to those who weren’t born naturally magnetic.

In my travels, I’ve spoken to and interviewed hundreds of CEOS, professional athletes, celebrities. And I have identified 3 key attributes that I believe are essential to leadership charisma.

After all, wouldn’t we all like to be the person that enters a room that people are magnetically attracted to. They want to be around you.

What is that seemingly magical quality that makes you glow when around other people?

It has nothing to do with looks. Nothing as superficial as that.

But first, let’s talk about that first of three attributes that you need to develop to be authentically magnetic..."